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Distributors and wholesale only
Some of these distributors and wholesalers will sell direct in near retail quantities. Please contact them for more information.
     Please also see the Manufacturers and Shopping categories.

American Hemp
     American Hemp has the largest inventoried supply of hemp twine, cordage, rope, and webbing in the US. Also carries fabric.

Canadian Hemp Corp
     We are a dynamic consortium of leaders in the fields of business, technology, and agriculture who are at the forefront of an economic revolution in North America. The enormous versatility and environmental-friendliness of Industrial Hemp indicate demand for this product can only increase, and Canadian Hemp Corp (CHC) is a major force in the education, cultivation, processing, and promotion of this rapidly growing industry.

Charkit Chemical Corporation
     A Connecticut based distribtor of specialty chemicals for a wide variety of industries. Supplier of refined hemp seed oil. Also does custom manufacturing and processing.

DD Chemco, Inc.
     A southern California based distribtor of ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Supplier of refined hemp seed oil.

EarthGoods, LLC
     EarthGoods exclusively designs, develops, and imports collections of European and Chinese fabrics bringing the world's highest quality hemp and hemp blend fabrics to fashion, home furnishing, and industrial textile industries. Nishang Hemp Fabrics is the first collection of hemp and hemp blend textiles woven in China that combines the romance of the old "China Silk Road" with the modern need for quality and consistency.
     Working directly with the mill, EarthGoods crafted this line of natural, long fiber fabrics that are standardized, consistent in quality and now, suitable to high quality apparel design. The Europa Collection is the worldÕs first European mill direct, hemp based textile line to combine contemporary fabric design with traditional milling qualities. Brought to you exclusively by EarthGoods, these richly crafted fabrics feature a full spectrum of weights, weaves and textures designed to todayÕs exacting requirements for quality, beauty and durability.

     Distributes a wide variety of products.

Eco Hemp
     Factory direct source for industrial hemp textiles, hemp twines & cordage, hemp hurd animal bedding and fiber board. Also offers product development consulting and raw materials sourcing for hemp and other eco-friendly raw materials including hemp seed oil, organic cotton, sustainably harvested cork and tree free paper.

European Hemp Valley
     "Hemp Valley" is a European hemp garment manufacturer established in 1993.Our products range from traditional hand-loom vegetable natural dyed of the Hymalaya wild hemp, to the modern refined technology of growing, spinning, weaving, knitting and dying hemp. Retail in Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Wholesale otherwise.

Hemp Managment Group - HMG Sales & Marketing Inc.
     Specializing in certified organic ingredients derived from industrial hemp. Distributes Mum's Original, Fast Fuel, Eclectic Cosmetics, and Cool Hemp brand products.

Hemp Natural Fabrics
     HNF's core activity is the procurement and dispatch of hemp based raw materials in Europe and the Americas. The product range includes a full line of pure hemp fabrics and blends, weaving yarn, sliver and tow as well as allied services as finishing and dyeing.
     HNF operates in three distinct regions: South-East Asia (Star Development Group, Hong Kong); Europe (HNF Handels GmbH, Gronau) and North America (Hemp Natural Fabrics - USA, Inc; San Leandro, California).
     Your source for all kinds of hemp food information. Browse the recipes, order products and enjoy our library of information.

     Hemp oil. A Canadian product. Superior quality. Direct from the grower pricing. They offer both Organic and Conventionally grown hemp seed oil in sizes ranging from 241 ml bottles to 205 L drums.

Zima Foods
     The Zima Crisp a carob hemp seed bar sweetened with organic raisins, barley and corn malts. The nutty flavor is provided by roasted steam sterilized seeds of the highest possible quality. Attention to excellence is used when producing this product and they feel it is superb. But don't take their word for it, check out page 24 of the spring 1998 issue of Hempworld for a review! If you don't get a chance this is what they said: "Of all the (hemp) bars we tried the Zima Crisp is the most like a chocolate candy bar. With a base of carob and organic Thompson raisins, the Zima Crisp is loaded with whole hemp seeds, barley and corn malt, which give it the consistency of a Kit-Kat bar."

     Hemp Traders is an importer, converter, and wholesaler of hemp textiles. We have been in business since 1993 and stock the largest selection of hemp fabrics anywhere. Our fabrics come from all over the world and include various weaves of genuine 100% hemp, as well as hemp textiles blended with cotton, flax, wool, and silk.
     We require no minimum order. This allows our customers to easily experiment with small amounts of yardage to develop sample products.
     We custom dye and finish our hemp fabrics. This allows our customers to experiment with different colors and textures.

Pickering International
     Pickering International is America's premier wholesaler of fine Hemp and Hemp/Blend textiles. In addition to our full range of woven and knit hemp fabric, we also carry hemp webbing, socks and juggling balls.
     Wholesale only, but the minimums are low. Online swatches. They are in San Francisco, CA.

Hemp Beds from EcoChoices Green Store
     Our firmest mattresses! The remarkable benefits of hemp have finally been incorporated into a sleeping mattress. Naturally mildew resistant and breathable, it is an ideal fiber for bedding. The bast fibers of the true hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, are three times stronger than cotton and twice as resistant to abrasion. Made from 100% hemp ticking and upholstery, our Sativa mattress is designed to conform with your body and offer you a supportive and restful night's sleep. Truly a revolution in bedding and made in the USA. These mattresses are great for people that want the firmest mattress available.

Wild N Wooly Goods
     Sustainable biodegradable goods, for the earth conscience consumer. Carries fabric, yarn, clothing, bags, diapers, slings, and toys. Hemp - Organic Cotton - Flax - Silk - Wool.

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