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Shopping - Products, retail, wholesale, and other items of interest
Please also see the Distributors and Manufacturers categories.
Personal Care Products

     Alterna® Applied Research Labs, your destination for premium, results-oriented hair care.
Click on "press" in the tool bar and them "press kit" to learn more about Alterna®.
They are helping fund the Industrial Hemp test plot in Hawaii. For more info see: Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News

Canolio Cosmétiques
     Natural hemp based body care line includes massage oil, foamy bath oil, soap, and moisturizing body milk. These fine quality products made with natural hemp oil. Online retail sales.

Heal My Hands
     Makes a wide variety of personal care products including Heal My Hands, Heal MyHeels, and Heal My Lips. They also make Heal My Paws for pets. No Chemicals, No Lawyers, Just nature's ingredients -- pure, simple and good. Online retail sales.

The Merry Hempsters®
     Manufacturer of hemp lip balm. Online sales in wholesale quantities.

Clothing and Accessories
     A nice Yahoo Shopping store with - Footwear, bags, wallets, accessories, hemp for pets, and fun stuff.

AdventureSmiths Enterprises
     AdventureSmiths handmade hemp clothing and accessories combine a unique blend of fashion, uncompromising quality, and comfort. Womenswear, pants and shorts, accessories, shirts, outerwear, and vests. Online retail sales.

Artisan Gear
     Award winning line of contemporary canvas bags, packs, travel gear, briefcases, organizers and accessories. Founded in 1989, the company has grown to become the most recognized name in hemp canvas bags in North America and Japan.

Hip Hammock Child Carrier
     The Hip Hammock child carrier provides a nurturing environment for your little one. Secure online ordering, phone order, and mail order.

Natural High Lifestyle
     Natural High is a unique line of stylish, functional clothing made with natural hemp fibers, ideal for yoga and active lifestyles.

Oroboros Yoga Hempwear
     Women's stylish yoga hemp apparel. Ancient fabric and philosophy.

Alta Hemp / Shirt Magic Hemp
     Hemp and organic cotton clothing and T-shirts printed with non-toxic inks. Hemp slogans, peace, primitive art, tie-dye, custom screen printing, and just plain cool designs.

Smith Center - Natural Outerwear Manufacturer (Industrial Hemp, Cotton, Wool, Recycled Fill)
     Smith Center is founded on manufacturing balanced outerwear from fabrics such as Hemp, Hemp/Cotton, Organic Cotton, 100% Wool and Recycled fill. By merging real designs with the globe´s most powerful and ancient fabrics, we have formed Outerwear That Endures.
Online store, high end stuff.


     Gertrude & Bronner's Magic Alpsnack is one of the best tasing hemp seed energy bars! This partnership was formed because of the "DEA Taste Tests" which were help nationwide to raise awareness about the impending hemp food ban. All profits from this partnership are donated to hemp advocacy. Online retail sales. Wholesale order form available.

Hungry Bear Hemp Foods
     Turning the world on to the Earth's most nutritious and delicious creation!
Just Released!! Now taking Orders!!
The Hemp Cookbook: From Seed to Shining Seed
by Hungry Bear Hemp Foods' founder, Todd Dalotto

Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.
     They carry a line of Industrial Hemp food products under the brand name of Manitoba Harvest. There is a list of stores that carry their products, by province. Links, FAQ's, Online Ordering and a large number of recipes.

The HempNut™ Home Page
     The Soybean of the Next Millennium: All natural, the original, HempNut™, hulled hempseed.
click here for their new online store. Reasonable prices as well.
     Not related to HempNut™ above. They sell shelled hempseed, hemp oil, hemp meal and flour, grain hemp seed, in a large variety of quantities.

     Industrial Hemp Based Functional Food. Nice range of products. Online ordering for Canada as well as the U.S. A lot of information about the company on a very clean, nicely laid out web site. Check out the media coverage link.

Nutiva: Nourishing People and Planet
     Nutiva's hempseed foods are nourishing for people and the planet. Shelled hempseeds can be enjoyed right out of the can, in Nutiva's ® Organic Snack Bars or as a super-nutritious condiment for cooking and baking. Hempseed has balanced essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6), and it's rich in GLA, vitamin E, iron, and protein.

Pacific Hemp
     Hempseed Oil for Nutritional, Cosmetic and Industrial uses...
Wholesale & Retail customers welcomed.

Spectrum Naturals, Inc. Main Menu
     Spectrum Naturals, Inc., based in Petaluma, California, was founded in 1986 to provide consumers with high quality, expeller pressed oils that retained the goodness and flavor of their natural source. High quality oils from a well established brand name. Industrial Hemp oil is listed under Spectrum Essentials.

     Finola® is 100% pure, unfiltered Industrial Hemp seed oil, cold-pressed under nitrogen from FIN-314® seeds, grown in Finland without herbicides or pesticides, and carefully sealed in dark glass bottles to insure freshness. FIN-314® is an early-blooming variety of Industrial Hemp (i.e. non-drug Cannabis) that does not branch, even when standing alone. FIN-314® produces seed at high latitude (e.g. 62 N), where other varieties of Cannabis do not. The short stature of mature FIN-314® allows for mechanical harvesting with conventional machinery.

Fiber and yarn

Aurora Silk
     Beautiful, naturally dyed silk embroidery thread, yarn, and fabric, and fine hemp yarn and fiber. Dyework by Cheryl Kolander, author of "A Silkworker's Noteboook." Also sells natural dyestuffs and has books and articles on silk, hemp, and natural dyeing.

     Uniquely hand-dyed knitting and weaving yarns in wool and wool/hemp blends, and spinning fibers. Retail and wholesale.

Hillcreek Fiber Studio
     Carol Leigh's Hillcreek Fiber Studio is the source for all your spinning, weaving, natural dyeing, needlework, and knitting needs. Scroll down the page to find a wide range of hemp fiber products: Seeds/Cookbooks, Fibers to Spin, Yarns to Weave, Hemp paper & papermaking products, Cords, ropes & webbing, Books, and Candles.

New World Textiles
     New World Textiles designs and prepares Spinning Fibers for handspinners, Handweaving Yarns for handweavers, and offers cotton specific Spinning and Weaving Tools for both. Carries hemp noil raw fiber, cotton/hemp blend sliver, and hemp/cotton yarn.

     Pure hemp and hemp/cotton blend yarns for knitting, weaving, and crocheting. Also carries hemp clothing, hemp hats, hemp placemats, hemp rugs, hemp posters, and hemp towels.

General hemp products

Wild N Wooly Goods
     Sustainable biodegradable goods, for the earth conscience consumer. Carries fabric, yarn, clothing, bags, diapers, slings, and toys. Hemp - Organic Cotton - Flax - Silk - Wool.

Mayan HEMP Hammocks
     A Mexican company using HEMP to make the first Mayan Hemp Hammocks. Both retail and Wholesale, exporting around the world.

Earth Weave Carpet Mills
     Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. is in business to manufacture and promote renewable resource floor covering products for the 21st Century. Our commitment lies not in recycling petro-chemical products, but rather in taking advantage of the ultimate manufacturer; Mother Nature and her renewable natural resources. Using Mother Natures vast renewable resources, Earth Weave will manufacture innovative, high quality floor coverings for both residential and light commercial applications.
They are working on a Industrial Hemp/wool carpet. Neat stuff.

     The lowest prices on quality hemp products and clothing. Check out the GoodHumans Guidelines. An in-depth personal rating system where you can get a rating, learn and even help define what a goodhuman is.
     Note: This description was written by the site's authors.

Grass Roots Natural Goods
     Specializing in hemp clothing for men and women as well as hemp bags, housewares, and other hemp products. Online retail sales.

Hemp Twine
     Another source for Hemp twine.

     Industrial Hemp retail store and information center Hemp foods, bodycare, books, paper, clothing, bags, and accessories. Online sales.

The Natural Zone
     Carries hemp pet products, hemp accessories, earth friendly paper products, and hemp body care products. Use their secure server and shopping cart for convenient online shopping.

Magic Mill: Oil Press - Type 20
     Oil presses. The Type 20 is a home sized machine. Not inexpensive, but you will get the freshest oil.

Magic Mill USA: Oil Press - Type 20
     This is a $1,290.00 oil press made by Electrolux of Sweden. See the link above for more information.

Industrial Hemp Seed Oil Press
     Oil presses in Canada before electricity.

     MotherHemp Ltd was formed in February 1998 and is based in East Sussex on the South coast of England. The company was set up for the advancement of Industrial Hemp farming, processing & distribution with environmental values central to its agenda. Currently MotherHemp is concentrating on Industrial Hemp textiles & manufacturing, cultivation of seed & fibre and supply of superior Industrial Hemp-derived products to the retail & wholesale markets.
Based in England.

The Ohio Hempery
     The Hempery is the nation's premier supplier of quality products derived from hemp, including clothes, fabric, paper, nutritional oil and skin care products.

     Hemp products ranging from clothing, hemp twines, hemp jewelry, bags, and bath and beauty products. Carries Nutiva shelled hemp seed and snack bars. Online sales.

     Earth-Friendly Market: Ylana's Network for Self-Empowerment & Sustainable, Non-Toxic Living. Carries 100% Hemp Clothing, Hemp/Recycled Stationery, Hemp Oil and Nutiva Bars, Hemp Soaps, books about Industrial Hemp, etc.

Pet Supplies

Excello Commodities -- Birdseed for Pigeons, Caged Birds and Wild Birds
     Welcome to Excello Commodities. We specialize in bird seeds for all kinds of birds, from racing pigeons, to a parrot in a cage, to the cardinals on your back porch. We have special prices for bird enthusiasts available only on this web site, as well as for suppliers and wholesalers. Take a look around the page, sign up for our quarterly newsletter, and see what we mean when we say Excello Brand is for the birds! There is Industrial Hemp grain in some of their mixes.

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