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GamETec Homepage
     GamETec is a plant breeding company involved in the global re-emergence of industrial hemp.
     Currently, GamETec is managing the Hawai`i Industrial Hemp Research Project mandated by state legislation (ACT 305) signed into law July 7, 1999 by Hawai`i Governor Benjamin Cayetano. The project is funded by Alterna Applied Research Laboratories, a California company which uses hemp oil in its hair care products.
     GamETec was founded in 1993 by Dr. David P. West, a veteran of the commercial seed industry and a pioneer in agbiotechnology.

Dr. Dave's Hemp Archives
     High quality writings from a man who knows his stuff. Dr. West holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from the University of Minnesota and has been an applied plant geneticist for 25 years. Since 1993 he has served as an advisor to the emerging Industrial Hemp industry regarding Industrial Hemp germplasm. This is real research material. Hemp and Marijuana: Myths and Realities is especially good.
     The information that is there is great!

Global Hemp: Portal to the hemp community
     Archives, Events, Legislation, News, Investing, Media. A very large site chock full of very good information. The news is updated regularly.

Hemp at Pine Ridge
     An invaluable resource of information about the planting of hemp at the Pine Ridge reservation. Highly recommended.

N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry
     From the article "Collection of Hemp Genetic Resources at VIR" - The germplasm collection preserved at the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) is a source of rich genetic diversity in hemp. Founded in 1922, the Institute's hemp collection was arranged under the leadership of N.I. Vavilov. The first hemp germplasm collected and preserved were diverse landraces and local strains from all over the territory of the former Soviet Union, beginning from the northernmost regions of the European part of Russia to the southern and easternmost areas of the country.

Collection of Hemp Genetic Resources at VIR
     By Dr. Sergey Grigoryev, N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry. Highly recommended.

Cold - resistance of hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.)
     By Dr. Sergey Grigoryev, N.I.Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry.

Journal of the International Hemp Association
     Volume 1, Number 1 (June 1994) through Volume 6, Number 2 (December 1999). Recommended.
     The journal above is succeeded by the Journal of Industrial Hemp.

About Hemp
     Learn and spread awareness about hemp with www.abouthemp.com. This site explains hemp in the simplest terms- what it is, what it can be used for, how to profit from it and how it can still help save the world. The site, designed by high-end professional artists and authored by business people involved in the hemp trade, captures the essence of why hemp is earth's most important renewable resource and puts it in terms anyone can understand.
     We encourage others to link their sites to abouthemp.com and will gladly provide logo artwork for more attractive linking options. We also encourage translation into foreign languages, adapting for hemp's unique history in different cultures, utilizing the same artwork and concept. We developed the site as part of an awareness campaign - join us by spreading the hemp gospel.
     This description was written by the site's authors. Good information and very nice graphics.

     "Natural Hemphasis, charting new directions for Canada's growing hemp community."
Natural Hemphasis is a research and consulting company with a primary focus on the re-emerging hemp industry in Canada. We believe that hemp represents a great opportunity for Canadians to pursue a path of economic development that is both economically and environmentally sustainable and contributes to a higher quality of life for all.
We have been actively involved in researching hemp, disseminating information and challenging common misconceptions about hemp since 1994.

Hemp research and growing in Ukraine
     Presentation to Bioresource Hemp symposium in 1995 by Pavlo Holoborod'ko, Institute of Bast Crops, Hlukhiv, Ukraine. In English.

Diseases of Cannabis Sativa L.
     J. M. McPartland, primary collator (last update 3/6/93).

Cliff Schaffer's Hemp Page
     A very good historical reference. I hesitate to mention this sometimes as so many people have real problems with marijuana and cannot distinguish it from Industrial Hemp. I think that the two subjects should be debated in separate forums, this may be a naive view, however.

New Processing Strategies For Hemp
     A very interesting article by Kai M. Nebel. "The traditional processing of hemp fibre is technology that is at least 50 years old. Its problems and the requirements for new methods are explained. Steam explosion principles are described and an initial demonstration has revealed its utility for transforming raw hemp fibre into a material whose texture and properties are comparable with or superior to cotton and "cottonized" hemp. Economic and environmental factors are analyzed and found favorable for broad industrial application of this new technology."

Fornits' Industrial Hemp Archive
     Some good information. "Precious Papers and the Internet" has a virus infection, however.

Hemp For Victory!
     See the classic USDA film clip! This is the 13 minute and 15 second version available in both streaming and downloadable versions.

     The Boston Hemp Co-op's Digital Library and Museum. A lot of very good historical information on hemp. A valuable resource.

AgroTech Communications
     A excellent resource for news and information on fiber crops.

New Billion-Dollar Crop, Popular Mechanics magazine, Feb. 1938
     Read the article that almost anyone who writes about Industrial Hemp mentions.

Forest Conservation Portal
     Do a search for "hemp" with their new and improved search engine.

The Caber Press
     Reprints of "The Retting of Hemp and Flax" by Paul W. Allen 1926 and "Hemp Culture" by Chas. Richards Dodge 1895.

Studies on Hemp Stalk and Shive Pulping
     by V.S. Krotov, Ukrainian Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Kiev, Ukraine, Russia.

Stake Technology Ltd.
     Steam Explosion Pulping, Cellulose Derivatives, and Fractionation.

Billion Dollar Crop | Bullfrog Films

IPST - Museum of Papermaking - The Invention of Paper

Hemp facts and hemp fiction

Building with hemp

Other Links pages

CO-HIP Industrial Hemp Page

Hemp Web Sites
     Page of links with commentary. Type face is a little small.

Emily McCauley's Hemp Page
     A very well written article with links in the footnotes.

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